New store: your opinion?
Hello I just opened three days ago my new shop here .... I am still far from being as over 150 designs to reference! But what do you think of it?
Thank you!
Author : mandydreams
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Creation : 2010-05-29
didie said ...
Beautiful creation. All is clear and well presented. It lacks the number and the number siret cnil. And I think that airing paragraph of CVG would be better. Otherwise good luck.
nwa said ...

Too many I, me, my ... (I introduce myself, my creations, I put together, my inspiration, my shop, my hands), try changing to a more neutral way, potential buyers need to be talking to him not you. Otherwise the colors are hot (relaxing, not aggressive, well chosen for the theme).

Looking forward
SergeD said ...
I'm sorry, but I do not agree on the homepage, the photos are of very poor quality fonts do not work, say your header is a poor quality copy, you can certainly prettiest logo for products that you sell, look at the section Tips for Webmasters Kes or you can find software and other logos, this is only my opinion without malice, but that's how we advance, and I am far from perfect.
Mylène said ...
I just visited the site, he actually misses the n cnil the GCS and the pavement is just a stone should be done ;-) paragraphs to make lissible and accessible to customers.
Pictures of items are not evil, against the home white and purple it is perhaps not the most appropriate here is a little bland but I think the writing style chosen is also many, a more refined style is best suited.
The header demeans the whole it's a pity it is of poor visual quality.
It's a shame not more work on aesthetics to make everything more qualitative.
mandydreams said ...
thank you for your opinion positive or negative I document everything and I will try to improve what I can ... I made the logo a clear but decreasing to 20kb is horrible ... and I do not know yet how to do better ... the GTS I tried to make paragraphs, but when did they start recording I do not know why ... I'll retry this side also .... I'll add the info missing too!
color is a choice, but I can change the font still work .... finally!
thank you
Anonymous said ...
already put cnil in the category privacy ...
Anonymous said ...
I changed the logo and some writing at home ...
François B said ...
Your designs and articles have a definite interest but the look of your shop amateur will scare away potential buyers:
- 2 bands badly superimposed garish lime green text ...
- The font chosen for the overview paragraph is not very readable ...
- The display hand rings may be a bit too kitsch ...
- Blurring or taken out of funds unclear ...

In summary there is still much to do to showcase your products and sell!
Good luck.
Anonymous said ...
the pictures are not blurry at first the media is in a mini photo studio ... it is the reduction that I made that compromises the quality of arrival .. I'll have to put the original ... .. (I could not in my old shop)
I again changed the band .. the police do anything I can not make one that sticks to 20KB, which occupies the entire surface at the same time .. I'll end by dint do it!
the display etc. ... it's really subjective because everywhere I have nothing but praise for my photographs and presentation (on other sites, including sites creators ).... of course it crafts, handmade ..... I do not want to be like all the shops made in china .....
but I am aware of the work that remains to be .... alone! because I can not afford to pay the pros .....
thank you!
Anonymous said ...
ah well not here either I do not put poeuyx great photo .. limited to 100K + for large .....
Anonymous said ...
I got to change the banner .... much better!

Corrected cons by a concern but I missed a sale .... I think the coup in shipping weight and zone according to the Department of alsace and Lorraine are not with those of France ..... ! the double blow of FP affaiché in the basket near my first client who has not paid his purchase .. finally .... fortunately I readjusted the FP for these two departments ... but they are strange to hand ....
Céline D. said ...

I give you some tips which bind me of course:

- Back up your text and insert your photo montage between two paragraphs.

- Insert a white banner below your new purple banner because currently we see the former excess.
To do this go to your admin - my web-site header - and select the various first banner is a blank template.

- Make picture packages for your products; width you have the space to put a close-up detail of your creations, do not deprive yourself, it's job but in your case it seems to me essential.

- Correct spelling and punctuation in your product descriptions

If the site used in three languages, it is really great!
It makes me more than six months that my shop is finished and I'm trying the version now!

I'ma huge fan of your candles!
Dare to excess! Throw yourself into a lot more impressive creations such vase or large pot, mirror frames, the lampshades, etc. ...

I wish you a good continuation.
mandy dream said ...
thank you! yes I have to correct careless mistakes once all posted .. and thank you for the banner of the trick!
photo montages too .. I started to do ... but not yet published beauoup work all!
and you're right I should develop my creations deco .....
Good continuation to you too!
mandydreams said ...
Yesterday I put a new logo ......
thank you for your opinion
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