New site what do you think?
Hello to all here is my new site, what do you think?
Thanks in advance.
Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2009-09-22
Anonymous said ...
I think your site does not match the name of the site is expected to find new decor and makes your site is + festival fairground, cheap, not super ...
sorry I say this to break you, just 100% honest, but hey this is only my opinion too! there are tastes for everyone! good luck!
Marie said ...
must first identify its niche and customer base to develop its communication strategy? Actually your niche is not plugged in but DECO gifts and gadgets like comics (betty boop) or kistch (tuning retro sixties vintage neon) ... and we must rework the home page which is too banal bazaar: review the presentation that is the teaser commercial.
at work;)
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