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Hello everyone, could you give us your feedback on our website please?
Author : teximpub
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Creation : 2010-06-07
NWA said ...

There are no tablecloths. What's hot is not too pleasant for the visitor. Someone who will tap metro ticket is not expected to fall on a t-shirt. A good job of SEO (search engine optimization) is necessary.
SergeD said ...
I do not see the connection with the subway tickets? Tex for textiles, tablecloths I see,
I found your site very pleasing colors are attractive, very affordable prices, put contextures products is mandatory and a plus for the client, and your statement to the CNIL and the Terms, your number siret? the means of payment, your delivery methods, and delete blank pages (service profile) and yes there is still work like many
NWA said ...
The website was updated I will not allow me to say though there was no groundwater if there were! By the time I walked the site no tablecloths ...

When the metro ticket:

SEO and I am expert ... someone find this article by typing the keyword falls on a T shirt .... should be renamed the article.

Looking forward
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