New shop
I just opened my shop can tell me what you think.
Thanks in advance.
Author : celine
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Creation : 2009-10-07
katia said ...
Hello and congratulations for your site, it is comprehensive and well ptésenté.Seul snag is the space that is on your page to welcome below the picture ..... if you could fill.
Good continuation to you
celine said ...
Thank you, katia I just changed the space under the picture.
Alizé said ...
Very nice site and very comprehensive ... I also like to know how you do that your pages appear gradually.
It's beautiful!

but on the contact you do not have e-mail or phone so that it is the means by which you request cancellation of order ...

I also think you should have your own domain name (this is more pro see FAQ)

I hope to have you helped and good continuation

best regards, (I have not made products but if you have any comments please do)
celine said ...
Hi Alizé

Thank you for your comments.

Regarding the pages that pop up, he will just go into general settings for your site and check the box, gradual transfer of pages in Microsoft Explorer.

As you made me out, I actually forget to put an email address and a phone on my contact page. This omission has been repaired. thank you for pointing this out.

For my domain name I agree with you I think to do so soon because I already have a domain name to me, but I expect that the site is really complete and finished.

I went on your site is very well you have good layout very clear, just one point should be that you put a little more space between the two phone numbers on the contact page as they overlap slightly.

Otherwise no complaints, I return to see your products.
Good continuation and thank you for your help.

Best regards,
celine said ...
Thank you for your comments I have not had much that my site should not be too bad. As you had suggested me Alize, I just spent my shop with my own domain name and I really want to thank the team for its speed KingEshop they are really powerful. Thank you.
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