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Hello, I would appreciate your opinion on my shop
I do not know if it is online, no sales since 1 May 2010 when I created the shop!

Thank you for your help
Author : Jennifer
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Creation : 2010-05-28
SergeD said ...
Yes your shop is online, your homepage is nice, what is missing are the links to your products picture to redirect the client in the description and price, you provider attention to the photographs must have their permission which may be the case, see also the font and color of your text below welcome is a bit austere, some categories are a bit empty, it is better to sleep time to have more products .
Exchange of best practice, you can give your opinion on mine
Mylène said ...
Your site would have more potential if you change the layout of your articles, I think they are spoiled by the plastic model, it lacks life (note normal if the model is PVC lol) it's a shame.
If all indications are present.
Good potential but it would warm the atmosphere is too bland, but I say this without wishing to offend you.
Fair sales to you.
Jennifer said ...
Thank you for your reviews are always good to take. I visited your shop SergeD the color of your site seem very attractive your shop is clear and well organized and the topics there is any cons by typing your address I saw in descritpion you forgot a word Online sales of watches and jewelry to small cuddly .... I think you forgot a word in any case thank you for your opinion
Jennifer said ...
Good evening

I need your opinion on my online store since 1 May no sales, I do not know where to go for reference I am installing my meta tag by kingeshop and validation with google but I could see that nothing advance could you give me some info to make it work

thank you
SergeD said ...
Hi Jennifer
have you loaded the Alexa toolbar? to monitor your site, it shows the ranking of your site for SEO, we must choose the right keywords on your products.
Thank you for your advice on my shop, I'm looking for color and my header is still pending according to the opinion, blue, purple, brown is not good for my products, not easy when you have sold for Women and man.
Jennifer said ...
Where should I charge the Alexa toolbar?
KingEshop said ...
Hi Jennifer,

Here is a article that will help you, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
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