New opinion on my shop
hello, here I had already requested a review of my shop, critics have been costruction I changed and improved quite a lot of things but I still can not for sale
I sell live bcp but very little via the site when I visit a lot
So if you could give me your opinion it would help me a lot
thank you very much
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Creation : 2010-08-11
Cly said ...
I think the gifs are trops

but this is only my opinion of course

fashiondd said ...
thank you for your reply
no other opinion???
Polynesia said ...
Hello, Iaorana,

I find your site full product, the host may be a lack of products that you sell (eg the top 10 sales, products fars).
The profile is a little summary ... pk this color green for the title?
The topic is interesting and well explained.

I wish you good sales!

Alizé of
CréaStyx said ...

I like the home page and I found the gifs SUPER!
But ...
- The elements of this page are too stuck. Why not put a space between your text and gifs?
- The text is much too aggressive! Already it is written in large, black is more and more and more fat!
Why not choose a softer color? Grey or pink for example.
Why not make the text aligned? Much more pleasant to read, I think!

Compared profile page
- Text in black and bold, comment as above!

Ever yours,
Bruno said ...
Ditto, I think the gif is too present on the homepage.

The rest is very pro!!

koumy said ...

Your site is very pleasant the first glance, the banner is well chosen and the presentation of products is pro.

Compared to other website above, your website does not rummage sale. Congratulations.

1) do not you think Quil is preferable to highlight the product of the shop with small bold text. ... Rather than the actual images that are destined to a customer at the point of purchase

The homepage is made to sell and get the customer to open the door of heaven to find his happiness. ...

2) Take care to include a text or other markings, taking care that any site properly aligned and the same height. .... under your current images. ... you realize that you do not work in pro ...... it makes waves

3) page help section has misspellings

4) section news letter has a typo

5) why not decorated your entry pages (profile, help, news letter, etc. .....) and a few static pages of your photo products to separate your paragraph. .... they would be less naked and show you your products. ...
Without going overboard.

That for me ....
I wish you luck and sale
fashiondd said ...
Thank you for all your advice to me they are very useful
I redid the home page and I am working to fix the rest
CréaStyx said ...

I just have a look at your new ...

Sorry, but personally I do not like!
The previous was much better!

The title is very flea market, unreliable and not very original Scarface. This is the word art as it is home Word. That does not even fancy.

The images are not the same size and are very large. This would already be better with a frame around or less rounded to sharp.
The first image is distorted.

Payment logos at the top of the homepage are very aggressive, they could possibly make uncomfortable to push sales aggressively.

The link for the newsletter is weird ...

Gif files that you had made could be re-inserted and reduced to less shock sensitive ...
[Besides, I want to point out that I do that very very very moderately gifs. Or not. But those that you had pleased me]

Sincerely yours / you,
fashiondd said ...
thank you because I thought I'll do it again
Anonymous said ...
I just saw your site and love your homepage it is sober
I think you have a large variety of jewels and they have more cheap
I have indeed just you passercommande
good continuation
CréaStyx said ...

SUPERB your new page!
I love the photos presented like that!

- Why not change the font used for your mini text and center?
This would give much better I think!
- I want to click when I see this page, why not insert links to some of your pictures?
- On the Profile page, the pictures are distorted!

Ever yours,
fashiondd said ...
thank you
I just pass on the link to add photos because this creates a software image on an image overall so that c
thank you
CréaStyx said ...

Well if you had never wanted it would be possible ...
If so, simply make a screenshot and fragmented parts through paint. Then you record and Replaces one on the other by putting them on your site ;-)
fashiondd said ...
Well thank you I have just done is a bit long but it's true that it is better thank you
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