New home page what do you think?

Since May 4, 2010 I opened my studio to the public, so I changed my homepage and I would like you to give me your opinion.
Thank you
Good day
Author : Marie-P
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Creation : 2010-05-12
Marie-P said ...

Nobody to tell me what he thinks of my homepage.

Good day
Anonymous said ...
it is not always easy to say what one thinks of a site ..... because I know the work and investment of time and energy, as it asks.
Anyway I start:

First the positive:

Your site stands out from all those found on kingeshop, you just find a customer fan of handmade.

Your items are very nice, clear and professional.

I like your header, color and name: Rose lace workshop.

What I like least:

I think the photo of the window, we see not much, maybe because of the neon lights inside. the following three we see very little because too small, too far, not the 2 front and one I do not understand why she is there.

This article presented the manequin blue is not good, AC would better with a real model, I read the how to buy your item measures the why of the presentation, but I think AC does not.

Correct these mistakes:
The angora sweaters in the washing and s'entretienne .----) talk easily and wash

Check if there are others, it's hard because by dint of reading it ends up not seeing anything.

Do you offer courses in sewing, knitting in public, you also work on command?

Here I hope this may help, but obviously this is only my opinion and in no case I do not want to hurt you by my remarks.

Magali said ...

I find it very well. Maybe the pink flash too. I like the pictures of the workshop.

Good sales.
Laurent said ...

I find the color a little dark for buttons, and the homepage is too long.
It must, in my opinion, be an introduction. It then enters the details by clicking on the headings. Suddenly, the buttons are lost at the top and the text is too long.
If a page was shorter (we see it in full on the screen without having to show off later), it would probably be more enjoyable.

Obviously, this is only my opinion.
Marie-P said ...
Good evening

Thank you for your advice, useful also because I actually give the court sewing knitting crochet and I had thought to put it.

For the pictures are just to make other better soon replace.

Good evening
Marie-P said ...

I followed your advice and remade my homepage, what do you put the hours and courses.
I still have some things to check and correct.
Marie-P said ...
Good evening

Christel thank you for this answer, it is true that after a day of work I have too many eyes in front, I do not particularly upset when they help me so kindly.
I'm not working on orders for customers in the region because I was unpleasantly surprised to receive checks made of wood or so people had changed their minds.

Good evening
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