Need your opinions
Hello, firstly, a huge THANK YOU to the team KingEshop.
Then I want you give me your opinions and reviews on my site to help me improve.
thank you in advance!
Author : nahuma
Readings : 433
Creation : 2010-03-20
marcus said ...

I like the overall design.
For what cons frustration when I clicked on the category JOUET INTIME, nothing! ... Not a single toy! Too bad, I'll look elsewhere ...
Joking, pictures of women with severed heads bother me a bit, but hey this is only my opinion.
There are also a few misspellings.

Best regards
nahuma said ...
Thank you marcus, ca is received and I photographed all the sex toys ... for the head cut is desired by my model ... for the moment, and spelling ... Oh la la why I have not worked at school! Other criticisms and opinions are welcome!
thank you in advance!
chouette06 said ...
Hi Nahuma,

Your homepage is very good, I like the design too much.

By cons, if I may say so, when I clicked on lingerie boutique I was expecting something much more sexy!

On your homepage: postage offered: offered with an s

Excellent continuation
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