Need your opinion on my site
Good evening,

Happy New Year to all first

I need your opinions and reviews (good and bad) on my site (graphics, layout, price, general ..... on everything done)

Thank you in advance:)

Author : Delphine
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Creation : 2010-01-12
Kalie said ...
Hello Delphine,

It would require a very long time to review your whole site and list everything good or bad. For now, I believe your site looks really nice, clean, harmonious, attractive and with good photos. I would just give you a little advice regarding your Contact page.

I understand you prefer not to mention your street address and you do not have to. However, some customers check the Contact page because they wish to know from which Country (City) their orders would be shipped. For this reason, you might want to add just the City, Zip Code and Country above your email address.

For instance: Paris, 75005 France

Good luck with your business.



benebond said ...
I love your site, very professional, not bling bling at all clear, precise.

Good continuation
Delphine said ...
Hello Benebond

Thank you for your comments, it's nice

Hello Kalie

I added the location in contact as you tell me. And thank you for your advice:)

Alice said ...
Hi Delphine, I won't really follow Kalie's nor Benebond's opinion. I don't like very much your home page, which I think not enough luxuous. It doesn't reflect the quality of the jewels you sell. It would need a more professional approach, or a better standard of graphic design in my opinion. As well, I have found many mistakes in the spelling of your articles, I give you an example perle de culture doesn't need an s at the end of culture, even if you put perles in the plural. I hope not to be too rough, I just try to be helpful.
all the best to you, alice
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