Need your opinion on my shop
Good evening,

I begin to feel no pain hits, but still no sale, could you please give me your opinion on my shop.

Good luck and good holidays to all.
Thank you.

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Author : Renée
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Creation : 2010-12-05
Anonymous said ...
Nice store. If there are customers for these prices I wish with all my heart. But a bag handmade fabric to 85 euros you have to find the woman who has deep pockets. Good luck for a success which I am ... You wanted a septic think it is fair.
ycaz said ...

This site is beautiful, even beautiful. Superbly decorated and headings are clear and legible for all. I wish you success in your business but I agree with my predecessor ... prices are falling down. I can not imagine someone buying an item at 3000 euros by the net without seeing it. But perhaps you also have a shop in France and there, it can work.

Good luck
Renée said ...
Good evening Anonymous

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop, and have responded positively.

I did not ask for encouragement, quite the contrary.
We are not always objective when it comes to itself, and all tips are good to take.

I know it is not clear, but handmade cloth bags are sold at 85 Euros (It takes 20 to 30 hours to make a bag + supplies) I know to have already sold and some more expensive , not in a shop on the internet, but shows where exhibitions devoted to quilting, which is quite different, the clients come for this, they see the product, touch it and can appreciate the work, which is not the case in my shop.

What I bother with now are not the items I sell or the price (which does not mean that I do not care, I know the price, and I know I am speaking to a targeted audience ) is the concept of the shop itself.
How is it seen from outside, she gives want to stay or otherwise to look elsewhere .... etc.

Thank you for your help.
Renée said ...
Goodnight Ycaz,

I am delighted that the shop you like, just reward for all hours.

I know that some books will not sell not using the net, so I'm currently working on pieces more suitable for an online store.

Thank you for your support.
I wish you happy holidays and much success.

PS: I take this post to thank the two people who have worked a lot with me for the design of the shop.
Anonymous said ...
for me it made me a little sore eyes! one is immediately attracted by the colors glitter fairy lights! against products.
Otherwise the rest is really very nice good layout, lots of categories.
nothing more to say is very well
Renée said ...

Anonymous thank you for your comment, yeah, it shines a little, but it is Christmas does not last.

Happy holidays.
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