Need your opinion on my shop
Good evening,
my shop is not finished, I know there are still lots of work, might set you tell me what you think, good and bad reviews are all welcome, as I'm not really good in computer science before go further, I wonder if I can continue like this or if I should change course.
In advance, thank you all for your response and congratulations for your achievements.
Author : Renée
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Creation : 2010-10-24
CARPE DIEM said ...
Hello Renee!
I just visited your site! I find it well built! I'll just give my opinion on little, tiny details!
-In some of your items there are no texts,
-In the lexicon section of the patchwork I do not know if you saw but you forgot to remove 3 small black squares at the bottom,
- There is not works hands if I'm not mistaken.
I too am a novice I give you just a little advice!
Matter of taste: the colors on the homepage is very very bright!
I really like what you do! we see that the craftsmanship and that's lovely!
gonna see my website if you want debutante (! interresse a link with your site because I think it is for the same customers while doing the same things! tell me what you think! Good luck!
claramints said ...
Hello Renee,

I went to your shop. I think you should put some photos on your home page to make people want to go further, now your home page (in color etc.) is not targeted patchwork may be a banner could also help.
For your category on the left, you should be invisible to those that are empty.
For the titles of your articles you should say what it is (eg plaid, etc.) because you have to click to find out what it is.
Fair food item in your points at each end of sentence.
In your glossary entry, put the titles in bold or highlighted for readability.
The crafts section is empty, ditto for the first 2, what interest?
I hope have you been helpful, I want you to do the same for mine, thank you in advance.
Renée said ...
Goodnight Olivia Claramints, and all those who will read me,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop and thank you for your advice.
I agree that the homepage is very colorful, and you're not first to me dire.C is a choice that I did, and now I think I may have taken a big risk in choosing this theme, this may actually not please everybody, I would not scare away customers because they will hurt his eyes on entering my shop.
For now I advance the layout, and I would see later what I will do.
I made a few corrections that you suggested me, and I'll get back soon.
I visited your shop Olivia and I love what you do, I saw that the category CHRISTMAS is empty, I think you know and like me you just updated piecemeal.
I found very nice your page background, how did you do? I do not control at all, and yet I wish I could do it, gives me the white buttons and bother me much.
I'm OK for a link exchange but it will tell me how because I'm really null and I do not know.
On your advice claramints I just disable the 2 categories that are empty, the time to create my product sheets, those are categories where you will find articles that are already in unique structures or other items which I will classify them according the technique used Hand or Machine
I did a quick tour of your shop, your jewelry is very nice.
As you asked me my opinion on the home page I find that there too much contrast in color between the header and the page, the rest is that there are many things in the header .
As we often find myself in the odd choice of my colors may once again I'm next.
For items that are empty because they were created to insert the various logos I can not be done the right thing.
I wanted to put photos on the homepage but the result is not really happy, I'm going back again as before and more photos with transparent funds will be better I think.
I'd like to put a background color, it may be less ugly.
I would say here that I would be arriving soon, I do not think it will be for tomorrow, because I still have a lot of things to do before.
In the meantime thank you again for your help.
Good luck and goodbye.
Anonymous said ...
Goodnight Renee

All the better if my suggestions have helped you a bit.
I thank you for having gone to see my shop but I have a question: what you call the header is the banner right? ie the banner at the top of the page where you see lots of necklaces of all colors?
If that's what it is I agree with you, it does not suit me much either but the only one that corresponded roughly to what I do! It is a ready-made banner that I found here because I have not yet managed to make one myself!
You see you're not alone in having trouble with the computer!
Thank you again and good luck.

Renée said ...
Hi Clara

I followed your advice, I changed my picture, I think it's better.
Tell me please what you penses.Je will now change the titles of my articles.
Renée said ...
Hi Olivia and Clara

I hope everything goes well for you?
Olivia I put a link to your shop on my site.
Clara I can not open your shop, I do not know why?
From you soon.
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