Need your opinion
Hello dear colleagues!

I'd like to be notified that your eyes went and experts to ask what I created with my little mimine and especially thanks to King!
I already had a shop elsewhere before, experience ... traumatic I would say!
I've been here one month and I have no denoted beug and I admit that it relieves me
Well a few things as embarrassing stats that stop at 16 days (I think it would have been wiser to 1 month but still be good).

That address, and no waffling us
Author : Rongeurs
Readings : 401
Creation : 2010-11-06
Emma said ...

I look at your site, it is not bad, I saw that you had quite a few clients, so you do not worry you do

For cons, I saw that the postage, you do not would put?

It is not normal, you'll have to check it is important, especially when you've got volume also

Rongeurs said ...
Yes I did not do the entry for the FDP as they are offered 69 and I rarely orders below that amount.
I still think I'll put them somewhere.

Thank you for your review: o)
Kalibibi said ...
I really like!

Not too heavy on the form but melts well supplied!

Good luck
Patricia said ...

I like me too
it's pretty well suited colors, not too busy ... bravo

good luck

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