Need your opinion
Hello everyone,

Soon after a year of existence on KES, my shop is constantly changing.

I need your opinion to improve it further.
PS: I speak only of appearance, not the content because I have a hundred reference to return in the coming days.

Thank you for your comments.



Author : Anthony
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Creation : 2010-09-15
Ano-nym said ...

I personally do not like the colors of the home page, what with this green and purple that yellow ... It's not warm!

Otherwise site deep enough, clear and sharp. And much choice. But be careful when even quite a few misspellings.

Good luck and especially good sales.
CSX said ...

So then

Before going on the site I expect when seeing the domain name to enter a world of bits of cabbage while adorable in pastel colors, teddy bears, in a sort of magical little world ...

When I arrive on the site, I'm pretty disappointed.
Purple is a good decision but the color is too aggressive.

I would say absolutely play with pastels!

I do not really like the presentation of products on the homepage: the kinds of frames with text are just too square. For children, are much better rounded, it's more gentle.
And the kingdom should be a small world of sweets!
Those pictures with white background it always makes for great and very professional but their resolution is rather odd, they are very distorted
For example, it is not clear as water wings are of Hello Kitty

The banner is severe enough I found!
The jauen very inappropriate

So much for the home page!
I hope this will help!
Ever yours,
EMMA said ...
Hello Anthony

I visited your site, you should change your page and put clear blue and pink colors
Kisses and courage
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