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I work on my online store for a while now and here is the result:
I look at your shops regularly but I wonder Question: How do you insert images below the headings? For my homepage, I found some empty space under the list of topics: ideally, this is where I want to place the icons of payment by check and paypal.
Thank you d ' advance for your answers.
Author : Isapate
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Creation : 2009-09-30
moi55 said ...
it is just enough to shift your image to the right until ca falls just below the headings.

but beware, if you activate the history above topics, it will not go, because your pictures will remain frozen at the same place, and they will put on your items.

But I saw that you turned off the background, so no problem.

good evening
Delphine said ...
A little more info from moi55,

when you open your home page to work on it, do F11 to enlarge

Delphine said ...
For your shop, very nice.
Tuas not bad products.
I found the buttons quite original.

Me, I find more aesthetically pleasing than your 2 pictures at the bottom of the homepage is the same size.

Good contination and good sales.

PS: I would come visit from time to time your embroidery patterns because I'm going to do to put in my catlogue for my shop.

Isapate said ...

Thank you for your valuable advice and I'll actually try to do the F11, because the small window that I open by writing to the home page, though I move my image but to no avail. I will also resize the picture below.

Thank you again for your advice
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