Need your ideas
Hello everyone, I make jams and nougat with saffron.
the site is under construction but I would appreciate your opinion because I'm not a pro internet ............
thank you all site address will change soon it will
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Creation : 2010-05-10
Anonymous said ...

this is two months that I worked tried to do a site has little drinking Loan! I realize that I have no or very little visit!
but when I search I can not find my site! so what to do!!
to advertise? it work?
I do not know what to do !!!!!!!

Anonymous said ...
I found your site easily.
But it is not finished it lacks a lot of photos for your products.

instead of putting 63g of sugar (it's not much?) put the fruit content, with the hobby of eating less sugar, less salt, I think it would be better.

more details on the marmalade say with what you make strawberry jam, similar to other fruits.

missing your number siret. More details about your business n such mail, I believe there is not, the conditions of sale, delivery ....

for the future name of your site, I do not think be a good choice for search engines because I do not see the connection with saffron jam, plus it's hard to remember.

prior to the pub, still working on your site.

All this is said without any malice, but in order to help you, I hope you will take it that way.

Anonymous said ...
if you need pictures look site / en
Royalty free pictures and you can use on the merchant's sites.
there are beautiful pictures of fruit
lulouetcie said ...
I agree with Christel, your domain name has nothing to do with the jams and very difficult to retain

Ano-nym said ...
Indeed neither your name nor your future current name unrelated to your business. For search engines is not that great!
Why not choose a name simply type jam Saffron or saffron or Nougat Delights Gourmet or The Saffron Saffron or something like that?
At least the potential customers will know more on what they will fall or if that is what they want and more I find it more appetizing than DF2M! Also on your website there is already a subtitle: The floral delights of Mary Morgan. It's been a bit confused everything.
On your website I suppose it is still under construction, it is empty.
One suggestion anyway: on your homepage tighten texts and photos, there are too many whites. And harmonize the fonts and colors, it is too disparate.
Good continuation, it looks very good your products!
Anonymous said ...
thank you all for your comments very helpful
I will change the site address
and I take pictures
thank you
and feel free to give me your opinion
thank you
Magali said ...
Good evening

How much are the shipping if you buy for less than 95? It's a shame to have to simulate a command to know. Make a topic with a price range would not hurt.
The lack of picture should you prejudiced because how is nougat? And why not pictures of the jam in a plate or spoon, it would be better than a pot?

You may want to perhaps explained the manufacturing steps in a section with pictures of copper pots.

Here are some ideas.
Good luck.

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