Need your critical eye on my site thank you

Happy New Year to you and every success for your business!
Critically would be welcome on my shop: audit referencement is good (80%) and I'm already in sales (my site is ready for 15 days) is a good sign, but surely there things that are wrong and I do not see.

thank you in advance.
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Creation : 2011-01-03
KAGOUN said ...
hello, well-designed, if you already have more sales is wonderful, I believe I have not seen CNIL number and I find the GTS rather brief but your site is dedicated to the pros you may be not the same obligations at this level.

otherwise site offering original products at small prices

good luck

Chti said ...
It is very much your site. It has the advantage of offering which is not common. For women and girls magnet make beaded jewelry you have the choice. You may, however, that you are told not to have entered your number CNIL. I found your GTC quite well done instead of others who are making a toast useless. Good luck to you.
Anonymous said ...
Excellent, very clear.
Small flaw: when the client viewed at least one article, which appears in this historic home is down the text and the image of the dummy cache entries.
You write that there is no min order, but you have items to 0.15 and 0.17 euros a piece, sold by the piece, this is only my opinion, but I do not know if it is profitable to sell the pearl to 0.17 and shipping to 4.90. As the site is dedicated to the pros, would not it preferable for certain items to make a batch for the mini to the max limit orders, even if they are covered by the plan?
Another question: How will you do to prohibit individuals from buying?
CNIL is missing your number and a small mention about customer data, usefulness etc. .. in short the obligations of the CNIL.
In your keywords, the word provider returns several times, it lacks almost all the names of the items, apart from pearl, seeds and nuts (missing petal, cube, olives, slices and their synonyms as squid, etc.).
Good Year 2011
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