Need opinion on my site

I opened my shop since 15/10/2010

can you give me an advice please?

thank you in advance

Author : aurélia
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Creation : 2010-12-15
Anonymous said ...
The problem is that many are willing to visit their site. They do this for free advertising which is acceptable but mostly they have not for almost all the courtesy to thank. I have visited so many, I've always been like others without making any critical but small and never any advice thank you. Should we therefore conclude that fewer and fewer visitors do not meet these demands, I think.
Petits Pas said ...

I think it's very nice! bravo! By cons, there is not the name of your shop in the banner is a shame, right? I just want to make you a little comment. The page is very pink which accentuates the strong side girl and boy to your collection will perhaps not put forward enough to your taste. Is what you do not want to opt for a more neutral color?

Be careful to work your page and include services as your SIRET number and your CNIL on the homepage, and a section Conditions of sales.

Otherwise, congratulations! It is a very good start! Good luck for the future!

Aurelia said ...
very well, thank you for your advice
you are absolutely right for the color of the site, I'll look for another color

by cons I just can not seem to put the name of my shop in my banner, I can not focus and suddenly it's not pretty

I'll rework my home page and insert my terms of sale

miles really thank you for responding, it's very nice

Anonymous said ...
being a little perfectionist I focus on some details!

small adjustment to the help page or text overlap, then FAQ, and new customers so much empty the deleted item keychain image is cut by two white stripes is a shame, otherwise good idea Categories I liked the recipes of the week, but under alert and games made me want to go to the site of stimulation and games can be fnac than reverse and put games and avoid the mistake awakening.

but overall very nice site well done and good luck

Aurélia said ...
it noted, thank you very much

miles thank you for your ideas and constructive criticism and I'll actually complete the fields empty

it helps a lot


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