Need help with referencing

I have to worry about my referencing:

- I am told that we must put more characters in my Title
- That we must put more keywords in my title tag
- And the description tag does not contain enough characters

Peus I see my site in type the http://
Can you help me?

Thank you
Author : aurelie
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Creation : 2010-03-10
Anonymous said ...

With pleasure, but I would understand the message.
Can you say more.
Best regards.
D @ M Prod said ...

Many solutions to create Web sites or e-commerce stores are based on a shared server (some kind of sub-directories) naturally accessible through a link or type http://nomdemonsite/ http: / / or via a redirection of the domain name to the link type: http://nomdemonsite/, or what type of sites is referenceable (it will be known search engines) but not positioned ( ie not visible in 1st page on several phrases or keywords targeting).
My advice: create a real site is essential.

In all cases the bases are actually intelligence title tag and description, but unfortunately it does not follow.
In fact, all owners of sites, starting with major brands and your own suppliers, want to be front page on the words that you target.
Being present on the Internet is vital for many companies, being very well positioned is also for ALL e merchant. Brands (Dior. ..), families of products (make up foundation, mascara ...), but also large content sites ( ...) are all on first page because they either work (with Wholesale means and therefore larger budgets) referencing them, or they are positioned naturally share their rich content (often thousands of pages).

Good luck.

D @ M Prod.
Anonymous said ...
must be 1,000 pages lol
KingEshop said ...
Hello Aurelie,

For the title tag, s.v.p., read this :

To improve your listing, please, read thisit is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
Valerie said ...
Hello Aurelie

KingEshop are very good advice.
Take time to read this as they will advise him.
Verily its worth taking the time to properly reference site.
There is always too eager to reach the goal: the sale ... but there is a huge job to do for SEO to be known. Look at my site if you want, then you go on google, you type 'layers to build' and you'll see my position! I can tell you that some 'big' pestent after my referral and testing to intimidate me with comments left on my products!
Here's to your store.
Aurelie said ...
thank you for your answers, I'll watch it all.

Best regards
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