Need help with my homepage
Hello to you all! =)

I need a big push from you please!

I am creating my online store Les Petits Pas (religious articles for children) and I have worked on all pages ... EXCEPT ... The reception! It's horrible, I am in total lack of inspiration! Please help me by giving me some ideas. Is it better to put images, photos, many colors, or otherwise not too ... Is it better to stay sober, or bet on the fun and the world of childhood? Pffff .... No idea!

You can also give me your opinion on other pages of course, any constructive criticism will be accepted!

Thank you in advance!

Please, no disparaging comments.
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Creation : 2010-12-14
Petits Pas said ...
Ben then? No answer? Not even an idea to share?

Strange ...
Yuukan said ...

Okay so I already say that I find your site very original! There are some very good ideas but there are also some very big mistakes! lol

For your classes, if there is anything in it is better off because otherwise it will quickly annoy people go to classes and falling each time on anything ... So you will lose customers ...

The idea of coloring the heading level is super nice!

For services is also a very good idea to propose that the bulk ic is that this item is not highlighted! When a person comes into your store, she wants to know everything Desuite what you propose! There was selling course, but not much ... It can already give you an idea for the reception! I think from my side that he must stay sober because if you put it too much, people will not take the time to read everything and go live zap your site! Images is very good because it speaks to many eyes! Try to write the keywords that you think should appear on your site ... And try to make a clear and simple sentence to highlight your site!

Not as hesitant to read the sections of King E Shop because there are many very interesting articles that can help you!!

By cons to think about conditions of sale, your digital siret, your num ... cnil It's relatively important that your site be taken seriously!

I think you can do something pretty! Also tries to inspire you from other sites to give you some ideas! Please do not do either cut and paste!

Okay so I just ideas but I'm telling you there at this hour, my idea is to go to bed! lol

Good luck!
Anonymous said ...
Hello! And a huge THANK YOU for your message, your ideas and advice! And you're right, I must offer my services on the homepage, good idea! ... I still have work to do! Otherwise, my store will officially open Jan. 10. I'd have to write it too, not too frustrating for people who visit the meantime.

I visited your shop and if you agree, I will draw from what I found in Terms of Use and your interactive catalog really great! (Page 189!) I'll try to insert one, too!

Thank you very much! Good day!
Petit Pas said ...

I worked on my home page! What do you think?
André said ...
Hello, I visited your site, Valerie, chti like me. It's cute, you want to find funding for your PhD is in your honor. But, as stated, Yuccan, your pages are empty or nearly so. What I like about your site and that of Yuccan is the contrast. On one side of the pile sections which I share your faith, on the other items which Yuccan offers and I also share both because I have to offer on my site but the need to spice up life by the alluring that can complement a couple's life or not, while remaining in belief and observance of the latter. I wish you, Valerie, full of success and as much as I like to Yuccan both types of Arcila. Consider, Valerie, you declare self-contractor to avoid possible inconvenience and equally useful, you buy a domain name, I suggest you 1et1 or less than 5 euro you get a name and a specialist in fr. Cordially
Valérie said ...
Andrée thank you very much for your message!

I think I'll follow your advice and buy a domain name. I just wanted to wait a bit to see if it works but in fact I think a good domain name to me I will be more credible from the beginning!

Yes, I am declared as self-entrepreneur and I noticed my No SIRET down my site but I think I'll put more up because you do not see it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my site! And thank you for your support!

Petit Pas said ...
Oh no! I just realized that I could not buy a domain name because I already printed my business cards!
André said ...
I do not know Valerie. Your business cards? Did you put the domain name you register on King, if so nothing serious. With the domain name initial KingEshop your customers can always go there and the others too. The advantage of a domain name as short as possible, without adding your host will be less complicated. Regards
Yuukan said ...

Valerie and André thank you for the little compliments and all that goes with it!

Valerie no worries on my site to inspire you for your sales terms ... I watched myself on quite a site to inspire me as it is true that it was not clear when thou know not much!

For your digital siret and cnil (do not forget either!) Put it in the static page in your profile and conditions of sale!

For business cards ... Uh?? Oops! Either you lol but it's a remake in cost or ... er either ... Bin there, I no idea for once!

Good luck anyway!
Petit Pas said ...
Then this home page, what do you think?

It's good or there are still things to change? Be honest! (Any remaining constructive course!;) Thanks for your help!

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