Need help review my shop
hello to you all, I ask your help because my site is open for quite some time, there are no visits (excluding search engines) but still no ventes.pourtant he seems to be properly referenced.
I am aware that my site is not the most beautiful (I am a computer novice). if you can give me your opinion. I found my home page not very welcoming but I do not know what it ajouter.quelques tips help me. thank you for your answers in advance.
Author : sandy
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Creation : 2009-10-22
Delphine said ...
Your conditions of sale are a bit short.
It is clear that the homepage is blank.
Put more pictures, the age that you do, mailings (eg displays colissimo).

You should buy a domain, make it more pro. And it's cheap. 1 1 are very well
Mimi said ...
nothing is easy: it is not enough to open a shop for sale! ...
must stand out, be original, to advertise, and still is not won!
Good luck ....
François said ...
Hello Sandy,
Firstly everyone's business and you have the courage to be on the ground by selling in the markets ... With some improvements in content and appearance, your shop can become a significant complement to your business.
Some tips:
- Making your shop more visually pleasing (with free assistance or paid people who have the skills for that). The green of your current header does not marry well with the green of the model shop and it's true it is all a bit empty and sad
- Improving the quality of the photos of your items
- Embed links to the product details on items you place in home
- Distribute flyers in markets that are promoting your shop (special offer discount ...). In addition customers can order items online that you give them regularly!
Anonymous said ...
thinking of doing link exchanges in your area with such discussion forums.
This will significantly increase traffic and generate sales
Me I agree with delphine conditions of sale are a bit lighter and also take a domain name.
on my shop for GTC
good luck
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