Need an outside opinion on my site
Hello everyone.

I'd love to have outside opinions on my site. Things to see. I did not realize alone.

Here is the address of my site:

Thank you in advance.
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Creation : 2010-06-04
SergeD said ...
I think you should refocus your business, dvd and computer literacy among the few women's fashion is a little anything, if you really want to sell these products offer them to another site because it does not pro for elleetlui? there is no product man

nwa said ...

Absolutely it's almost anything! that make a flash memory card next to the heading nightie? Choosing a low limit! Review your business here is not at all! There's still a lot of work! Good luck to you and feel free to ask our opinion future!
Manue said ...
You should choose your industry: clothing / dvd / computer but absolutely not mix the two. Honestly it feels to be the foirfouille.
What I mean is, or you sell clothing or you sell computers but not both simultaneously.
What do The Simpsons below swimsuit?
Review your homepage, customize it as you have virtually copied what was already noted by default kingeshop. A bit of fantasy!

Feed your entry: a single tank, under a single pull.

Where are your terms of sale, explanation of delivery, payment etc?

Courage, you have work like all of us.

jcfonder said ...

concerns that arise are these:
Specifically, that you sell
-Are you professionally? if so where is your siret?
-CNIL for Computing Freedom
-Lack of content
On-page services, the phrase in parathese and unreadable
- Add a table of sizes
May be an add-entry for postage
- Pictures to show the front and rear of a garment made a montage (I'm also messing with the photos do not worry)
-General Sales Conditions

here are the main faults I think

manue but says we all default on our sites and this takes time and patience and courage

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