Need advice and guidance
Hello everyone,

My shop is fairly new and I'm not a light computer but I do my best!
Could you give me your opinion, advice, ideas on what I could improve the sales are for the appointment.
Thank you in advance for the time that you will devote myself.
Author : Claramints
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Creation : 2010-10-21
Anonymous said ...
So, anyone?
Rongeurs said ...

I have not seen your number on your CNIL shop.
Under the conditions of sale (even all your items), justify your text and put the titles in bold. Trying to ventilate a little piece because it makes it undrinkable and: o)

Otherwise you have good descriptions in your articles which is a good thing.
Your design is not too heavy nor too little. Just the shipping costs provided that straddles a picture, intended or not?
Anonymous said ...
thank you Rongeurs,

This is really sweet for taking the time.
It is true that I am not yet occupied the CNIL ...
For the entries I will take your advice, actually the term is appropriate piece!
For shipping overlapping yes it wanted, bad idea?
Thank you!
Rongeurs said ...
For shipping cost is not necessarily a bad idea but it surprised me on the spot: o)
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