My site still not in Google
I'll probably remove my site because I saw me every day that I did not visit over I put lots of keywords I have my site since May and I am still referenced by google so I think my site does not please
I give you my site
if someone one has an idea I heartily bucket
Author : marie
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Creation : 2009-10-25
Elo0174 said ...
It is true that your site is a little craft. Does that make a home a little more welcoming environment.
Your slogan is unreadable. My I suggest you put a custom banner and in it, you put your slogan.
Your logo is of low quality.
Your FAQ is not complete ...
You need a domain name ...

There still has what job! Courage!
jenny said ...
abandon it would not harm

already has your place I would take a domain name

Then I would do my homepage can be with colors that go better and are more pros
fgaut put it terms of sales of information society

yes again a leading custom
if the goods are goods that are not very expensive

if you want once you've made changes I can put you on my site link for what you do please me well
jenny said ...
in fact I had not seen there is already cgv

by cons for your attention to pictures that we see some furniture that should belong in your living room trying to make a plain background
Anonymous said ...
have you done referrals in the drivers manually? and thou hast sent to the meta kingshop google? otherwise it unlikely that you will never be found.
Side presentation Elo I agree that lack of something
Good luck
marie said ...
thank you for your reply

I'll try to make changes to my site for SEO manual I do not know how it's done

best regards
Claudine said ...
Good evening

Your site just needs to be reworked a little, because your product is indeed interesting and inexpensive.
I also think you should change your banner, can also be one color and one typeface on your home page is missing text.
Your entry like a sheet product, you could put the text that includes your keywords and explain in detail how you work, for example, the type of machine you use, or more detail using a box dragees or a bowl of chicken or other ... Use your headings to put some text with your keywords ..

Good luck
Best regards
maavi said ...
anonymous, what's meta google to send KingEshop?
KingEshop said ...
Hi Maavi,

Here's a question that our FAQ will help you :


KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...
i think the problem is if you check your site form google; it s not appear.

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