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I want to know what you think of my site. I have not finished yet I see for the payment and keywords.
you can see it in French and Spanish.
thank you in advance.
Author : Koukyn
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Creation : 2010-06-09
didie said ...
What I like
The header, the home page and well presented products.
What I like least: if the GCS are well represented, I can not find the info required. To know your number siret, cneal your number, your address of registered office. Your profile page is empty.
You should make a presentation on your creations. ... The materials used
He'll also need an item postage.
Koukyn said ...
thank you for your reply. My site is still under construction. I live in Spain and I must take an appointment next week to see what I do to finish up my business.
I do not know too much about me so I think I'll remove the profile page because I do not see its usefulness.
I do not understand why you say I should make a presentation of my creations. If you click on details you have the detail of each jewel, you believe that this is not enough.
thank you again
didie said ...
In presentation, I talk about what you use as material, type of beads used ect or thee came the desire to create what will be one more to add in a field. not not talking about the product description
Regarding the profile does not delete it. This topic is the way to reach you number of emails and telephone. And in the legal reference section is your mailing address of the company and coordinated your personal information (your name your name), with your number when you have siret. In brief
Céline D. said ...
I love your shop!
The colors are both hot and attractive.
At first it was nevertheless quite risky but I think you've done something nice and successful.

Congratulations on your debut and good luck.
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