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Author : Missmo
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Creation : 2009-12-28
missmo said ...
Damn I forgot the address. It
Alice said ...
Hello, I toured the site in all its proposals. In the hands of beauty item, images sometimes dodge the text. We must reread the text, there are small shells. Also, the shipping link fails at its correct destination. The general conditions of sale are in privacy, this is the wrong place, privacy should cover the safety data that customers entrust to your website when purchasing. Yes, there is no end never correct! but the whole is rather well done, your generous entry and charming home (do not overload information or visuals, especially downward). Sincerely, Alice
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for your advice. I go back and fix it all
Jayjay said ...

Not bad your products.
The text overlaps on the homepage, it should fix this.
Just two tips to improve things but it's personal:
- Add a title or a name to your banner.
- Avoids the gif, it's not very pro.

Good luck and good luck
Missmo said ...
Jayjay thank you.

For animated gifs I fix it.

Regarding the banner I can not make the sudden I'm forced to do everything (pictures and store name) directly on the homepage.

Again thank you
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