My shop... its beginning ... your opinion
I'm new and I have great difficulty understanding the decor, I peel the forum but ...
I still have other items to go ..
but I wanted to have a first notice from you ...
thank you
Author : ambael
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Creation : 2010-04-30
Anonymous said ...
I?? person???
b-boxs said ...
yes it's the first time you made a site
it is very
there must be more choice of jewelry and rework the picture (zoom)
otherwise it is
koumy said ...

so if there's me ..... but I put on google and there's nothing I fall back on this page.

Tell me how to do and I'll visit
koumy said ...

I'm on your site, it is pretty good but voila ....

1 - the pictures are very dark, one can hardly see the colors and patterns on some of your pearls .... takes it all and do the photos outside in natural light and clarity on the reworking (optional) you see the result is different.
****************** Exterior photo

2 - you have a typo in the first text categorization Collier
pearls of polymer clay red, black, orange and yellow, all différentes.Les beads are mounted on a wired and son on a wire necklace with a closed node running
more is not it nicer to write:

Magnificent necklace fimo arranged on a wire cable.
The Dragon Collar is composed of large black beads fimo red, orange and yellow to bright and luminous rendering for all occasions.
Simple but practical, the closure is via a noose.

3 - Duo flowers are invisible you can not see the reason super dark outside = photo
hamonieuse and more description, it's a pity you did not say anything, so he has pattern and color

3 - blue tone chic orange transforms = Elegance and works in your description of a more feminine perspective, I think it is a call to femininity in its style and colors to wear day or night .
You captured some of what I mean .... to find your texts, plays a salesgirl who are promising millions if it sells HA HA HA

4 - the picture of the part custom jewelry is very good .... but uh ... not the text:

Ask your jewelry, your colors, your size, patterns and embellishments. After agreeing on the price, I create and send you a picture. If you agree, we proceed with the sale
what do you think of:
Ambaelcréation offers the possilité create your jewelry according to your wishes:

Choose the color or colors you like
decoration that inspires you, and the reasons that make you happy

Ambaelcrétion will present a draft that you should appreciate or rectify.

After a final confirmation of your choice, we will send you a quote and we will launch the design of your custom jewelry after receipt of your agreement.

Ambaelcréation offers the luxury of customization so you can mark your difference. We're listening.

5 - 4 in the previous text you can also resume your quote request whose expression is not beautifull to read and there are mistakes hortographe !!!!!!!

Leave me a description of what you want .... I tell you if it is feasible and a price range .... The order is registered only after agreement on picture ...
put some pictures of jewelry to brighten your page

That is what I think ..... That said it's me .... but am sorry coriger your mistakes and re-read your sentences aloud to give you an account rendering
board that I just said a girl who also is not good at spelling .... and saw yours .... so HOT!

Good continuation to You

vanessa said ...

The homepage is attractive, good. Keep it up. By cons to crop the photos are (to my taste). Remember the GCS, and under Delivery may not be detailed enough (too poor, black and white trop'écriture).
Attention all this is a positive review. I also changed all my thanks to this site.
Good continuation.

avonshop said ...

I love your header, good visibility, pleasant visit.
It only remains to add to it.
By cons, what bothers me a bit is misspellings contained within the headings, I think we should correct.
Mylène said ...
I just visited your site.
I'll be very frank, the homepage is sad with a logo all blur reduction, attention to spelling mistakes recurring.
There is no general conditions of sale, your full address, your and your Siret n n cnil which are mandatory.
Attention to the section of your profile, the goal is to have a positive and professional speech, I'm sorry but your speech is a bit too sentimental, the goal is not to have pity on you.
You must emphasize you're not a sick woman with children you are a creative motivated, competent and ambitious!
Attracting the customer know that you create, you have the potential, creativity, motivation and dynamism that you will meet the client at 100%, that's super salesman.
People need to talk positive and supportive especially when markets are sluggish or and or means of misfortunes with information every day.
Selling a share of dreams and lightness I guarantee you it's a winning recipe.
There was no malice in what I write mostly do not get me wrong, but I prefer to say things honestly a perspective external, objective and above all professional because that is what matters most.
If you want to live it fully as possible as you have started with two articles and three fumbles kingeshop debut and then now I have over 300 and I get to master the intricacies of kingeshop features.
There certe work a bit to overhaul your site but it is not feasible.
See what others are doing in other creative, inspire you to adapt ideas to your site (color, photo, logo, text etc.).
And above all believe in you and what you do, listen to the good and bad reviews because it is very constructive, do the sorting, adapetez what you like.
For the rest everything is a matter of time and motivation.
I wish you very good sales and a beautiful career ;-)
Alpanel said ...
Your site is cool, the beautiful creations.
On your homepage, avoids negatives (here you will find only creations ....).
It lacks the general conditions of sale.
Good luck for the future.
ambael said ...
I would first like to apologize for not answering you, rather, I looked around my request ...
thank you all, especially Koumas and very critical for your mylene Complete!
I just do other creations and I'll make all your changes.
Thanks again ...
for mistakes, sorry ... I found a corrective! (Laughs)
alpnael thank you, I had not understood earlier cgv ... there are models???

for photos, you're right, unfortunately I must wait for the sun!
thank you again!
ambael said ...
koumy, I will copy your comments are beautiful ...
in fact, I never dared ...
but I'll try to make them all like that, thank you ..
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