My shop
my shop is open from may 1 months loan
I have already made 2 sales, and I am happy .. but alas I have found that people most were 20 to 30 seconds on my shop ... So it should not be very interesting

could you tell me is that I need to change
for people to rest on my shop and so we want to buy ...

thank you
Author : doudine
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Creation : 2009-12-11
abbdel said ...
I already I can not find you then? I do not understand I retype it several times, being very careful .. It would perhaps be time to change your domain name and buy a real domain name and find a host.
doudine said ...
I type and I fell directly on my site

sorry you're having trouble typing, makes a copy, paste

and for a domain that is scheduled for January .....
Delphine said ...
Your site is great and beautiful necklaces.
I await confirmation of my brother what would appeal to my step-sister for Christmas and if it is a jewel, I'll buy a super fancy necklace!
Delphine said ...

and behold, I had confirmation from my brother so I will go and you place an order, hoping that you book quickly.
Thank you
David said ...
Yes your website is not all bad, I'm in the same kind of products, you can watch mine if you tell it;)
doudine said ...
I'm going to see david

was not quite the same style as everything that I propose is made by my little fingers and each is unique jewelry

if not quite your shop
Titi91 said ...
Hi Doudine
I saw in one of your topics as shipping was available for delivery in France.
I suggest you put this information on your home is a big + for sale, so do not hide in a topic;)
On the other hand, since you doing yourself these jewels, you should use these spaces to develop topics a little. speaks materials you use, stones, metals, and also your expertise. It's very nice what you do!
Finally, you should also reposition your text to the home page. It'sa pity they bite on your photos.
Houlala I'm making my comments:) But I hope that you will not hurt, I say this because I find it very beautiful and original that you do.
Go to this a few days no doubt!
Anonymous said ...
missing your imprint
alice said ...
Doudine Hello, Congratulations for this achievement. I found your homepage a bit messy (overlay text images eg.), The info is not very hierarchical, mixture of styles, font size. A newcomer on your site should first read the info that identifies the activity, it appears that she slipped down because you have stacked topical news off (photo contest, end of year). The PayPal logo should go on the right hand column (in the forum this issue is addressed). There are faults everywhere, it's my hobby! when I have a moment I can meet you and offer a correction, what do you think? good continuation. alice
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