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Hey everyone,
advance my shop and home page has undergone changes.
What do you think?
Www.lesbebesfringueurs . com
Author : Delphine
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Creation : 2009-09-27
Claudine said ...

I found your homepage very pretty, just in your banner, the blue rectangle in which you wrote the name of your site, a blue a little softer would be more appropriate .. but this is a personal opinion ..

I wish you great success!
Best regards
moi55 said ...
I am of the same opinion that claudin is the blue that goes too. do yourself a small logo with teddy bears around, for example, is not it?

good day
Anonymous said ...
Your site is very good. Nothing to say, choice and service is here! Your logo does not bother me at all. Good continuation!
If you can look at my site, I fear that my home is too full can you tell me your opinion stp, thank you in advance.
jp et lulu said ...
actually anonymous c bcp is overloaded! delphine for c is really genial!
Delphine said ...
Thank you all.

Yes, me too my logo does not please me.
Moi55, good idea with teddy bears, ca soften.
But the rub, I do not know how the logos so I'm a little stuck on this side.
I would have interested me very seriously.

Anonymous, I think he has a lot of text on your homepage.
delphine said ...
I finally changed the logo.
What do you think?

Claudine said ...
Hello Delphine

I feel much better that way!
Good continuation!
delphine said ...
Thank you Claudine
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