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Hello to you all,

I need your opinion on my shop:

I should soon add books (guide well-being, health etc ...) as well as organic products 100% natural.

Could you tell me what you think of my shop and if you see things changed.

I also seek link exchanges with shops in relation to health, beauty, communication etc ...

Thank you for your responses.
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Creation : 2010-06-07
NWA said ...

The site is virtually empty. Difficult to judge. For the price it is not very productive.
jemesenseul said ...
Hello nwa,

thank you for your reply, the site is not very busy right now since I am waiting for my products.

For the price I do not understand when you say not very popular because it means nothing to me.

Thank you
Manue said ...
You make a web site just friendship sos (Free!)
I am not sure that people will pay to discuss, there are psychologists for that ....
Your site is well done, aesthetically speaking

Anonymous said ...
I find this kind of process limits that decent is closer than anything else like pink!!
I do not!
Mylène said ...
I am a bit surprised by your professional approach to charge for giving comfort to people I find it very surprising, especially since there are forums for discussion or female associations of all types that they are free, but only sites that provide comfort and charge for this are sites dedicated to adult should not people make the amalgam.

The concept of friendship pay I knew but not really good if you are convinced of your project go ahead ;-)
Let professionals between now and here are my tips:

Where are you from Siret No, your CNIL n, the general conditions of sale, your contact details? Because it is mandatory and I do not see them anywhere.

Question-design your site to its name, we actually feel alone (e) when one travels, it is not very happy and does not reflect the playful side and support you boast.

That is an opinion among many others and I do objectively.
jemesenseul said ...
Good evening

Thank you for taking the time to answer me and visit my shop.

This site is not meant to be pink or adult, the idea arose from the fact that loneliness is the worst enemy of man and the forums for discussion and / sos or friendship, are to discuss But I'm only going beyond this type of discussion and is intended for people who live ill the loneliness faced with problems deeper and more personal than email and / or speech is more important.
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