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Creation : 2010-03-24
Mylène said ...
Website very innovative, very clear I love the first photo of your homepage is very vendor.
By cons I think the writing style in this photo above is not suitable too fancy, a more classic style should be better.
All legal info there are a priori.
I think that level headings should be left off the shoes and put it just before the jewelry and put these two items at the bottom of the list for many the highlight of your flagship products they shop for hair.
This is an opinion among many others.
Very good continuation to you.
chouette06 said ...
Good evening,

Your homepage is really good and the picture is superb.

I'd say as Mylene, on topics shoes and jewelry.

Excellent continuation
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,

Thank you girls.

I think you're right on the entry for what I put forward is hair.

Thank you
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