Multiple visits to Chinese IP rotating
Little question: I opened since last July. No problem with SEO and search engines so far.
I note from a small-time invasion of Chinese flags to 0 seconds from my visitors. Visits automated does it seem to 2 hours apart.
A portion of the IP changes with each visit and always begins with 124.115.4 .(....).< br />
one hand it distorts the statistics, then this is ask what are the consequences? " br /> Thanks for your insights on the issue.
Idrissa-Flo w / o AfroBoutik.
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Creation : 2009-10-16
biscottine said ...
I also ask myself the same question: the Chinese invaded my site lol why these visits 0s? whence they come?
AfroBoutik said ...
Thank you for your participation Biscottini.

Looking out the ride, I feel that google is made in China that is taking us to reference ... 0s is enough for a search engine.
I'd rather say it's good news because finally by typing site: afroboutik.kingeshop in google, I nearly 2,000 pages referenced and it is still growing ...

Google + China, it promises!

By cons, if I'm wrong, thank you not leave me in ignorance:)
Anonymous said ...
0 seconds is a single page.
For the first time today, I visited Google and 21 pages aol 2 pages ...
biscottine said ...
Not sure that it brings you sales, it weighs more than anything else, for China it is too expensive anyway:)
KingEshop said ...
Hi AfroBoutik,

Do not worry with that, the visitors will probably search engine which is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google and the first in China.


KingEshop Team.
AfroBoutik said ...
Although now! KingEshop thank you for confirmation.
That's baidu that references my pages one by one.

At the next:)
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