More than one visit and still no sales
Are you selling something?
At first, I had full access, and now nothing!
Yet I'm told I have beautiful things and Prices are correct ... then I do not understand!
Author : elka
Readings : 506
Creation : 2009-11-01
Vincent said ...
Hi, yes I sell on a regular basis and the number of visits is entirely correct, but I must say that I sell more directly on the shop than on the actual site.
By cons I noticed on your site that you had no link with other site talking about your area (forums etc.) can be faut'il dig in that direction.
good luck
Anonymous said ...
If looks good, I put the link to my blog!

I'll put bigger in the home, you're right, in fact people do not watch much, thank you for your advice!
Paul said ...
Good evening,

I made a trip to your shop.

Do not take it badly, but not the top.

homepage not attractive, not pro

The option is to choose a color or size, etc. .. not to describe +

There are also rules of punctuation and typography to respect for a correct presentation.

Go see for example:

or other sites, you will learn many things.

Check out other sites: to inspire, not to copy.

Good luck,

Delphine said ...

For my part as sales start slowly.
And the visits increase also since I'm more pub (no miracles) and people stay longer since I redesigned my home page.
elka said ...
Thank you, I'll go elsewhere.

Errors of punctuation is a real illness, my husband told me too, I do not leave spaces where it is!

But this is not what makes a quality product ....

I'll try to see my home page and the rest


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