More product page?
Here, I wonder if the team plans to put more items on pages to showcase products to sell? Because I find that 9 products per page, it does little.
Thank you for your reply
best regards
Author : mimosa100
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Creation : 2010-02-12
KingEshop said ...
Hi Mimosa100,

It is not expected in the short term.


KingEshop Team.
Daniel said ...
Hi Françoise for info, the more you have class and you will reference page and products.
Do not forget to grade securities in connection with the products you want to sell.
mimosa100 said ...
Hi Daniel,
thank you for this info is what I did in my classes but there are many products, that is why I asked the team KingEshop, whom I thank for their passage to answer whether he was considering to put more products on pages.
Good continuation
cordially Françoise
jean-loup said ...
Hi Francoise,
I too have the same interests as you. I have 120 products to be referenced in 5 different packages or 600 different references and shot 5 times the same photo for a single product. I do not know how I'm always on standby. It is true that if we could put more of products per page, or if we could create several refrences for the same product packaged differently, it would be great!!
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