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Hello Friends Forum
I Krohn is passionate pageant including Roman and medieval.
Like many here I would appreciate your opinion on my humble shop that offers items related to this passion.
Of course my shop is not complete and it still lacks a lot of descriptions of articles, short articles and photos.
But there are people here who have great shopping and all advice is good to listen to be able to make changes if necessary.

Quit blablater and therefore I give you the link to my shop:

Thank you in advance to all those who have the kindness to take a few minutes to visit and give me their opinion. And a big thank you to Kingeshop gives us a tool really well done and free, what more ...
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Creation : 2010-08-27
Vtu2noir said ...
Hello and welcome among us.

So for me when I arrive on the home page, wow!
I love, nothing personal to my fault Part.One know right away what kind of world we arrive and I find it very beautiful.

I watched a few classes, I like very much. attention a lot of categories are empty, but I think the problem will be quickly resolved.

Otherwise in your page do not forget to contact your SIRET appear and CNIL is mandatory.

Glad to see you coming too calvados;)

For my part I have not much else to add. wait to see the shop filled.

CréaStyx said ...

Your homepage is very pro I found!
Just a quick note about the topics: it is not clear where to click to access a particular topic

Small mistakes always on ortho home page: you will find; by us

The Profile page is a very boring, I think.

In the Contact page is marked phone but there is only one issue!

I find the colors used in your page news not really appropriate. Why not match the colors used on your shop and banner?

For categories, I think it would be better to consolidate what you propose to sell ...
For example put the furniture, small accessories and games at the bottom and top jewelry and clothes and without separating the different choices of necklaces!

Ever yours,
Krohn said ...
Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm going typos spelling which escapes me (from having their eyes on it you no longer see where the interest of having to review all this)
The classes will fill up quickly, a few pictures to be done.
I managed to enjoy the sunshine to make photo jewelry amber because it is more beautiful with natural light but can not say that August is spoiling us for this ...
Regarding the Siret and co I just wait for it no objects available for sale at the moment.
For items I will be more space between images as buttons, so that we can clearly see their boundaries.
Profile Page yes ... I will complete it as soon as I could redo one or two pretty picture that ruminating in my head ... but as always the weather does not lend itself really ... Otherwise I'll put some pictures of camp, re-enactments, it can be fun too.
Hmm pretty good idea I must say that you suggest for classes, I will study it closely.
Thank you to you for your opinion very constructive. A real pleasure to talk with you.
Anonymous said ...
Oo then I do not understand ... everything was nikel and suddenly I have a super bug that has just moved into my pictures .... Bon bah I'll be forced to wait until Monday to call it is on my other pc .... Decidedly ...
Krohn said ...
Although it is repaired
So I made the suggested changes.
Rest a few pictures to make the coolest profile page.
CréaStyx said ...
Anyway there are always changes to make! =)

For the Help page, I think that would be better to customize it, not original to see each time the same (people who come to the shop does not know it's a standard page, but good!) And then the structure and black does not really go with your colors

Normal for the shipping costs are only for France?
If you have visitors from other countries they might wish to place an order?
We must think small Belgian eh! = D

Ever yours,
Krohn said ...
FOr the help page so I have to do something good for the moment but it is not the priority. Already time to put the artcile and descriptions, I will work when everything else is more advanced.
Yes for the postage I'm working my schedule by zone for foreigners. I'll put it when it's almost
Marie said ...
OUCH! my comment is bugue party without me!

so here it is (well written):

I also love the medieval world and I'd like to see the home page images that make you dream and are better niche store: characters in period costume, easy to find especially since the old illuminations there is no right of Ecuador is ...
And to be referenced, it must write entries: here too the subject is vast! there is much to explain about the costumes and the walls of the time ...
Krohn said ...
I started yesterday evening to put on the pages aid, contact, shipping, profile, pictures of camp, we reenactors. Now for the home pages I do not want to overload. It is necessary that the navigation is nice. But I'm going to create as and when topics on reconstruction, on the furniture and I pass. These improvements will occur as and when able.
For now I must also finish filling my classes by adding my product descriptions. In short the site will be constantly evolving.
Krohn said ...
Damn I pressed too quickly, thanked Mary for your comment.
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