Many visits and no online sales
I have great access, but no sales. Can you give me your opinion.
Thank you in advance.
Author : coco
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Creation : 2011-05-24
Anonymous said ...
hello coco
already, you should create a section on your right GTC leProfil because it's more about you or your business ... then clearing your page by making paragraphs, since the block makes you want to read just close the page on ...
your homepage is not very welcoming ... (text, layout or photos is not very professional too), reviews the best, just look at the other sites, also look at some examples ...
and then in addition to SEO, it is necessary to advertise all around you (flyers, selling home, mailbox, shops ...) to open a shop on the Internet requires a lot of sales for ...
Another thing too, your pictures are blurry ... would not you hands or necks someone to bring these beautiful jewels time a photo? because the black background of the photographs are not terrible with the pink of the store ... still see a color that matches or outright then a white background ... up to you.
Good luck! this is just the beginning
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