Many visitors but no sales

That three weeks that I opened my shop (I know it's only the beginning)
I have vists up every day but no sale.
I am in the surf, skate and sportswear and my margins are the lowest coef.
Regarding the referencing I registered the phone book and have published links regularly

Kingeshop and users could you give me your opinion on my shop?
Home, articles, category, etc.

thank you in advance

Ps: categories where items are missing are in command does not take into account
Author : sunset
Readings : 416
Creation : 2010-05-26
nwa said ...

What is the connection?
sunset said ...
C.PONS said ...

I went to see your site and I find it good.

Good continuation ............
ckarine75 said ...
Good evening
I think your site is not bad at all. The homepage can be a bit long. By cons misses you in your choice of categories like myself and the client also likes having a choice.

Good continuation and good sales
Sunset said ...
thank you for giving your opinion

Glad to see that the presentation does not appeal to me
On the lack of choice I am waiting for stock that would delay

Children's Fun Shop

Good continuation to you too
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