Manage the size and color on my shop
Hello everyone and all
Can someone tell me if you can manages sizes and colors ainssi the stock on the shop because I do not see anything that allows me.
if possible thank you to tell me how?
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Creation : 2010-08-09
Nid said ...

Your basic question is the least thing is that you look at the faq before writing in the forum.

proxyprice said ...
Good evening

if you can handle sizes and colors?

Yes option in the creation of a product should be separated by a comma

Ex: Red, Black, White L, XL, M

You can combine the two but good bof bof

and the stock on the shop?

You can manage a stock on your product when you create three option
Warning your stock does not support options that's a total package

If you want a little advice if it's for clothes in the epoch of my shop ready to wear products was created by color and size option

Ex: T-Shirt Calvin Klein red option S, M, L

I hope I have answered your question


ps: Deso for the sins of french
Mylène said ...

If you look at your FAQ page and especially your product interface you can specify the stock but also the colors available.
As soon as a sale is the stock down accordingly.
By cons is up to you to manually change if re-supplied or broken color, for example.
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