Making a distinction between models with or without logos
I would like to change my model shop because I can not insert a logo but impossible to find one that does not require insertion of a logo.

But my first choice does not contain this element, but could not find it.
Could you tell me dear team kingeshop models without the logo.
Thank you
Author : koumy
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Creation : 2010-08-04
vtu2noir said ...
what logo do you mean? you see your little shop?
koumy said ...

I Blade logo placement is indicated in the upper left when you choose a model presentation of shop space: overview ....
KingEshop said ...
Hi Koumy,

We do not understand your question, please be more specific so that we could help you.


KingEshop Team.
koumy said ...

During the creation of his shop, every creator must choose to front.
For this it needs to choose among the different models that you suggest in your column titled: Site model (from memory).

My concern is that I made a change during site creation and I can not get away in the header: logo here.

Unable and unwilling to put one over, could you m'imdiquez how to remove this entry.

There. .... Big thank you
Marie said ...

the logo is actually the band's site: for not having download a white band in the image database.
But it's nice to put a title to the site, right?

logo disappears and is replaced by (or not) by a slogan in the management interface.

should read the entire FAQ to learn how to create his site!
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