Mail confirmation and transfer of purchase orders
Hello everyone,
Let me know how you proceed to send an email confirmation after an order to your customers. Do you have an automatic system or not.

And my second question, when an order falls, you have an equally easy to send your order with the supplier feedback left by customers (you fax or copy pasted a doc excel eg. Then transfer email the info)
Thank you for your help, I'm a little inexperienced but eager to learn.
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Creation : 2009-11-26
bernardo said ...
Thank you for asking the question, I await with impatience the answer too
Delphine said ...
When you get an order for you to do manul an order confirmation.

Those whom you propose to shop is in stock?
Then there other than to copy and paste to your order.
but long for the client receiving the blow?
sylvain said ...
Hello Delphine and thank you for your reply

Indeed, I do not stock because I have a hand, a fulltitude references and secondly, the storage cost in a capital that I do not want to support my work early, and you know I do a quick calculation: is it delivered the goods + store + redirect + time and travel cost, I am better to ask the manufacturer to deliver live and to answer your question as soon as I receive an order in - 5 min the good is returned to the manufacturer who sent in the wake is no loss of time. That said this is a vision, it can not be shared.
Feel your advice and experience, I am a buyer.

a + Sylvain.
Virginie said ...
I am in new sales and open the command button is clicked I print friendly version in PDF (110%) which corresponds to an A4. I can then transfer this file to my client as an attachment to an email and print to fax or classify.
You can easily download sites free program to convert files into PDF.
Good evening
sylvain said ...
virginie thank you very much for that pipe, I'll try it on.
Good day to you.
Elo0174 said ...
First, to transform an excel file (eg) PDF, you do file and print instead of choosing your printer, you choose Adobe PDF. That you generate a PDF file (if you have Adobe on your PC of course).

For invoicing, the site Myae specializes in billing for autoentrepreneurs. Useless (layout, sections of laws ,...).

To monitor, I think the only option is to regularly monitor your admin unless you receive a payment through Paypal, then you will be notified directly by mail.
Laury said ...
Hello Sylvain

Are you in auto entrepreneur? If yes Like your supplier sends the goods to you how to make the exemption from VAT? (is that your supplier sends the invoice to the client at the same time as the goods?)
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