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I just discovered KingEshop, so I decided to create my shop I meet some problems!
1; Since the format of my logo is in gif image bipmap but how do I change or a person would 't it touchy for me because as the logo of my company?
the second, having discovered KingEshop after creating my area how can I do that my connection is put on my shop KingEshop?
creating this store for a professional use the expert help would be welcome
best regards
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Creation : 2009-11-29
Vincent said ...
your logo on it you must turn in the right size and voila course you need the right software (gif).
if you do not have the tools to do well I will try to transform it. Just send me mail
On the field Browsing the forum explains the relatively good manip and bring you to the team KingEshop which you will transfer.
Best regards
KingEshop said ...
Hi Alliancesan,

You should save your logo with the extension. Gif using software for image processing as the GIMP, for example (free). You will find information about The GIMP software in the category ''Image-processing'' that our FAQ here :


For your domain name, please follow carefully the following FAQ :



KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...
I just downloaded the software The Gimp but I do not know how to transform the image in GIF format could help me please.
Thank you
alliancesan said ...
Thank you for responding so quickly to my previous question!

I watch so much info that you provided me, unfortunately the domain name I own, the Registrar is not part of your list

Here is what I have and I do not know how, can you help me?

Where do I put your ip address?
because all have editable
thank you in advance!
KingEshop said ...
Hi Alliancesan,

Please, read the FAQ and get inspired registrars there. If you still can not make the transfer, contact your registrar so that it helps you.

Here is the FAQ again :



KingEshop Team.
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