Little opinion about my site

I would like to have an opinion on my site that is not finished yet.
Give me your opinion whether good or bad for me to improve.
thank you very much
Author : laetitia
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Creation : 2009-11-23
Dj 08 said ...
Hi Laetitia,
Your site is very well yet and it will soon be great (very professional) ... What is certain is that you'll have customers KingEshop ... we all need your products because we are regularly on the computer! In any case, I am interested that ...
Good luck!
Jackee X. ..
Marie said ...
attention: there is a big empty white bottom of the page. Maybe too much text on it and not enough seductive images: the look that counts at the finish ... The topics are really interesting but the writing and images too big! Do not select categories of produce when they are empty: it's disappointing.
Anonymous said ...
on the homepage too too much writing that does not give me want to read and therefore not stay on your site is bad because your products are interesting
laetitia said ...
thank you for your opinion
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