Listed and visibility on the net of my shop
Hello, I do not understand, my shop is under construction and I do not know whether to do special handling to occur because when I type the address of my shop ( on google it does not.
Thank you in advance for your help, then any chance, but I do not think you have a preview, give me your opinion.
Good day
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Creation : 2009-09-21
Jean-michel said ...
Hello, it works, there are in TV homepage ;-) and your text here ...
construction, lacking the GCS, legal, empty pages as links, clients, news, except the homepage is nice, maybe just your logo perlaminette which is a bit too discreet? courrage good.

cordially JM
Anonymous said ...
when typing in your address bar of IE, although it falls on your website (nice welcome all pink), but in Goggle, you fall on your message posted on the forum.

by cons, I think that is your old site, where you were still novice). already exists, is it yours too?

good luck
KingEshop said ...
Hi Vero,

Please read this article very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :

And also read this article, it is in French but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
a said ...

Thank you for your replies and will try as soon as possible to make changes and implement the advice you gave me.

For Jean-Michel, my site is far from over, but I wanted to check it would be operational once it is finished because it is still a lot of time working on it .... Regarding the logo, you are too discreet??

In any case, when I type, I did not fall on the site.

Otherwise, I actually read what was said on the links of the sandbox and benchmarking, but I can not explain why a site does not appear if you type in google the correct address site, it should fall on ?????

Best regards
Jean-Michel said ...
Hello, I found your name simply small compared to the size of the logo,
it is a personal opinion

Regards JM
Claudine said ...
I agree with Jean-Michel about the size of your name.
And before you want to be indexed or referenced by google, it would be better if your site is a little more advanced, you still have much work ...
Good luck to you.

Best regards
Anonymous said ...
Thank you all for your advice back from vacation yesterday, I'll try to work ....

Good weekend.
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