Links without agreement

Do you know if it is possible to create links to sites without having first received their agreement?

This can only make them the pub and it would support my arguments ...

Thank you in advance for your answers
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Creation : 2010-07-05
Anonymous said ...
Yes but you're supposed to advertise for you and not for others
wanting too much attention to make links to other sites
this is not very good for your business also
Céline D. said ...

This is not illegal to my knowledge, by cons I sincerely believe that it has no interest to you. Pure waste of time.
If you have negotiated any partnership, désactivtez your category''links''is still the best.

Tex said ...
It is not illegal per se but:
Firstly it is better to have the agreement of the site in question, because it may very well turn against you (this would be the site of the PMU for example, it says in their T C

Secondly, if one day your site is blacklisted or penalized by Google, all outgoing links on your site (ie links that you've done TO the other sites) may penalize sites. It is a very bad example of spam on the site viagra pointing a link to our site ...
yvon said ...
actually, I sell products terroirs, and I will not love a rogue site (for example) put a link to my site without my permission.

I think it is best to seek the agreement of the site in question


Anonymous said ...
Thank you for your responses.

I will not ...
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