Link exchange
My shop is still at the stage of construction, but I seek to develop trade links.
You put my site in your links and in return I do the same on mine.
not bother to put on, because it is under construction, but I'll let you know once it is active.
Answer me in mind me putting your link.
Author : Nico
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Creation : 2009-10-13
Isa M. said ...
Hello Nico,

Can you give me details, what is your business? I think if you want to do link exchanges of information needed.

Good continuation.
valeria67 said ...
I am willing to exchange links ............
Here one of my shop:
If you want to add the logo is the header of the site ....

When you want me to put a link to your shop tell me and I will!
Best regards

valeria67 said ...
Thank you .... when I have a sign from you I do the same for you!

yannick said ...
hello nico
I would be interested in an exchange of what you do.
I also began. cordially
Nico said ...
Hello Yannick,

No problem for link exchange.
My business is to sell items and motorcycle riders.
I am for the moment in the constitution of the catalog (not bad reference !!!).

Give me your agreement and I will put your logo on my page link.
As soon as I finished my catalog you can put mine on your site. (no need to save now for the unfinished, not pro at all)

Thank you
lora said ...
hello all,
I also looking for someone to exchange links I sell lingerie, makeup and jewelry
reply if interested
valeria67 said ...
Lora if you want I can put your link on my site and you do the same for me!
My logo is the header of my shop ... if you have one you can send it to me!
Best regards
Anonymous said ...
just an observation care with links that have nothing to do with your field because you risk distorting the robots and engines back in your SEO.
lora said ...
valeria thank you for your response made me I want more of the site that is closer to mine
yannick said ...
my logo is on the site
make me signs that you're ready.
Céline said ...

I just created my site selling handbags, if people are changing in the areas of fashion, beauty might be to trade links?

Let me know.

This is my site

See you soon

PS: not yet taken a domain name is under consideration.
jenny said ...

sympa ton site pity there is no bag a little more flashy
Anonymous said ...
Hello, I give you my address, told me when your site is finished I add you.
For those interested so keep me informed
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