KingeShop should happen to make a simple brochure site?
I am a freelance (free board) part-time and I plan to build a site brochure (6 pages + one for collecting the coordinates of the prospect). The texts are ready, but I'm really novice in terms of the practical realization of the site ...

Given my level of knowledge and the type of site to achieve, it KingeShop should both do a simple brochure site, without a collection of products with prices or necessity of an ultimate collection??? Or I should I find another more specific tool???

In advance thank you for your advice. Sincerely.

Henri Masson
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Creation : 2010-07-28
SergeD said ...
I think the site Kingeshop is right for your business because you do not have to create product categories, and the collection phase may be disabled, and you create your pages, the homepage, then you create different headings for your pages, watch the items appear in order of their creation and it does not change this order.
Hoping you have help

Hmasson said ...
Serge thank you for your interesting opinions and advice regarding the timeline to meet for the formatting of headings. Sincerely.
koumy said ...

Just one question: how will it take to recover the coordinates of the prospect, S'i not pay the party that needs to personally identifiable information.?
In Part feedback?

Thank you
Hmasson said ...
Koumy thank you for your supplementary question which I hope will generate a reply which could be seen as clear as possible.
didie said ...
Maybe add a newlester, each registrant will or will deposit its mail.
Hmasson said ...
thank you Didie for your suggestion. Regards.
Hmasson said ...
Asking if KingeShop well suited to carry out a simple brochure site (7 / 10 pages for free with coupon council to address the prospect's harvest) SergeD was kind enough to answer yes with an explanation, but kumiss expressed his doubts about this Coupon harvest coordinates. Could you be kind enough to point out - knowing that in my opinion this issue and details could usefully be included in the FAQ.??
In advance thank you for your information. Sincerely. Hmasson
KingEshop said ...
Hi Henry,

You can open an online shop with us without problem. Since you do not want to sell product, just off the cart as you suggested SergeD.

To coordinate the harvest, just write whatever you want the client gives you the information in the ''Contact'' page.


KingEshop Team.
Hmasson said ...
Thank you to Team KingEshop your speed response and reassuring for a total novice like me .... Regards.
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