how many keywords can put ourselves in the panel?
thank you
Author : bruno
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Creation : 2010-06-16
NWA said ...

If you talk to insert keywords in the source code of the main page, ten is ideal.

Looking forward
KingEshop said ...
Hi Bruno,

For optimal referencing it is advisable not to flood the tag keywords (KEYWORDS). You must choose your keywords carefully. We recommend selecting about fifty relevant keywords (based on activity in your online store).


KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...
fewer Keyword referencing is more efficient
koumy said ...
I am amazed at the response. ... cast party for putting multiple keywords related to my business and my products.
We should therefore concentrate on the activity and not go into more descriptive keywords?

Eg If I have curtains, do I need: curtain fabrics, but also peony, sunflower which corresponds to various reasons?
Can I put the colors, style: golden curtain, curtain fabric curtain flake or fur?

Could you tell me among those whom I gave the keywords that I should avoid. Big thank you in advance because I think I would make a ball!
NWA said ...

keywords such as curtains, clothing ... cons are useless by reason curtain is an excellent keyword, little competition (see google tools) and typed 5400 times. So it would create in your left column because a section of curtain and put objects with these keyword variations.

Looking forward
koumy said ...
So I have to create categories with the word pattern, and if I put them in the product descriptions? Is good or not?
I made pti texts for each product by including a maximum of vocabulary words in Twin curtain. ... this is something he has to be able to be captured better by the search engines and thus for the referencing???
Ha ha I said do not pity that this did not matter much I have spent time. ..
Finally I will correct itself and ..... thank you very much
koumy said ...
Re hello
I am sorry but I have a question that keeps going through my head:
If there is little to compétitive: pattern curtain, not because people do not ask too rarely?
In case is the search engines do not pick me?
I all wrong?!
Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer me.
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