It only needs your opinion?
That, my site and almost completed but I wish I had more notice so I can report some errors and remediate them.
In advance thank you, André
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Creation : 2010-08-26
Ano-nym said ...
You sell lingerie man or woman?

Your name: lingeriehommesexy! When you arrive at your home mostly photographs of a woman! There is a problem somewhere right? Already you will not sell lingerie with a name like that and more for men who come to your site on human choice is very limited!

And your photos ... Not very sexy fishnet briefs with the label apparent ...

Finally treat your spelling, not very pro this!

Good luck for the future!
SergeD said ...
Sorry, but I'm of the opinion of Ano-nym, not very sexy, the photos do not feel like buying a distinct lack of human products, there are many sites of lingerie for men and yours is far from to pro, sexy lingerie does not mean that thongs or briefs scalloped openwork, a man can be sexy in beautiful boxers or shortys, inspire you to leading sites in this area.

André88 said ...
Hello, we are a small clothing company, our own product and male underwear. The lingerie is incidental to complete the site.
Of course, we have a lot of project and different models presented, but all this has a cost and would already have with these few products a little better idea of our sale! Similarly it is easy to expanded women's lingerie but still a financial problem. Anyway, we asked your opinion on the presentation of this site but not on our corporate strategy. Thank you.
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