It is the adventure begins

this is it, my site is almost finished, still more than a few products to add, but it is active since.
What is your opinion?

Thank you
Author : Nico
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Creation : 2009-11-01
Anonymous said ...
friendly products by cons homepage is not very friendly and the pictures and writing on your tape roses are bof bof ca not pro tours are clipped?.
My goodbye to the home page.
Agnès said ...
You should reconsider your relationship. When you click on the homepage to one woman jacket falls on the gloves. Check them all ...

Nico said ...
Thank you for your objective opinion. By dint of having the head inside, you see more things like it should. I'll try to see my home page.
By cons, that You want to say the towers are clipped?

Best regards
Nico said ...
I saw all my links, but did not understand.
I actually found myself in the gloves by clicking on the varsity women. However, the link was correct.
I've redone and everything works. I checked everything.

Thank you for the info
Delphine said ...
For links, this happens if you create a new category and you change the order.
it shifts while leaving you the same address.

So if your order tuchange, said each time to check that your links
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