Is it possible to display a web counter on our site
Here I wanted to know if we get the possibility to display a counter
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Author : talystas
Readings : 646
Creation : 2010-12-18
Emma said ...

You can not install the meter on the page, but you can still see on the page amnistration going on my sales and statistics.
Beware if you are seeing your site is counted (your IP appears)


talystas said ...
Thank you
I knew it for static pages!
What is somewhat interesting being that customers can see how many visits!
See if it moves a little on this site! ect ...
Ycaz said ...
Good evening

The meter is good when customers can see that there are 2000 people who came today. Parcontre, if they see that 5 clients have gone ... they will perhaps go elsewhere.
This is only my personal opinion. In addition, counters are like opinions, it is questionable, leading to further mistrust on the part of visitors.

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