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To trade links, some sites ask to place a link back to our pages. However, we did not hand over the source code of our pages.

Is there a solution?
Thank you.
Author : Elo0174
Readings : 455
Creation : 2009-12-09
Elo0174 said ...
Well ... After several searches, it seems that KeS does not allow to insert the HTML code or only sees our source code.
By contacting sites and directories, it is possible to partially circumvent the problem:

- You can save for example the logo of a site and pointed at his homepage (
Acceptances exchange links or attachments in directories are sometimes manually so the person can confirm that you've placed the link on your site

However, for certain directories, detecting the link back to HTML code is automated so there it is blocked ... No need to keep their relationship on its website.

We hope this explanation will save you time!
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